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This is my first attempt at writing a blog post. 40 years ago I published my own book called "Walkin," bass lines to standard chord progressions. Tens of thousands of copies have sold worldwide over the past 40 years. They have helped bass players of all ages and styles of music learn to read bass clef and reach a better understanding of harmony and voice leading from the perspective of bass lines. Soon I will release a special 40 year anniversary edition that will include new material along with the original. My plan will also involve more of the play-alongs that so many of you have come to enjoy practicing with and some new video lessons. Currently there are lessons of mine at and both of which are very informative but not the latest technology and video quality. New videos will be much better quality. I'm thinking of offering short ten minute clips that will be very focussed on a single concept of bass playing. In my 45 years of teaching I've learned that in an hour lesson there are excerpts that stand out and are memorable to the student. These 10 minute clips will concentrate on the excerpts of musical value and retainable information. Being a composer, bassist and educator has led me to write every day regardless of whether or not I have a complete song or piece in my head. For me there is always a new bass line to write, practice and share. Music to me is very much about sharing and I hope that this new blog post will generate lots of good for other musicians. Bruce Gertz aka Uncle Bruce

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